Use our predefined templates or customize your own. You can add dropdown menus with options, or use radio buttons for single choices and there are even check boxes that can be setup to accept multiple choice answers.
Thorough well-written quotes.
Customize the template and use our “Predefined Words” to automate the template and use it for all your clients. The predefined words will automatically populate your clients’ information from the order form and create a contract tailored to that client. Once you upload your Company Logo in Company Settings it will display on the Quote Contract that your clients receive, giving your contracts a professional look.
Change the “Report Title” to match the inspection being performed. You can modify the report outline color, format fonts, and also change the Titles for custom sections such as “Title of Summary page on Final Report” or “Title of Attachments Page in Final Report”. Provide professional looking reports to your clients by customizing and adding a Company “Introduction”, a “Scope of Work” and a “Disclaimer” statement to all of your inspection reports.
When processing the inspection data in Report Finishing, mark important information by clicking on the “Star” next to that item. Everything marked will be displayed on a “Summary” page on the Final Report. Example if the stairs has loose handrails, you can mark that question and answer even mark the image and they will all show up at the end of the report listed in a summary section which references all the areas of concern documented during the inspection.
Enter all the services you provide to your clients once into the application. Add as many additional services to the inspection or you can enter discounts for your customers and the system will calculate the total and display it where appropriate.
LIP provides you with a list of Categories for all Assets and Fixtures for a property; or you can add your own Category Name during the inspection. Enter assets from Appliances, Electronics, Pet Accessories, Jewelry and all types of Houseware items, Patio, Garden and Yard accessories. Stay organized with your fixtures and know exactly when your Furnace, HVAC, Electrical and Heating systems were last serviced and by whom. Always keep track of all your assets and fixtures, know their worth and warranty expiration dates. LIP will store this information and keep it safe and always accessible via many devices and always at your fingertips.
Organize all your Contacts in groups, for example “Agents”, “Client”, “Employee”, “Vendor” and more.
Promote your business by adding an Order Form directly to your website. You can select a color of your choice for the button then click on “Generate Button”. You will see the code on the right side of each button generated, select the one you like and paste that code to your website. Now anyone who visits your website can immediately request an inspection, it’s that easy.
There are many, many more features, and we are always adding new ones. Take a look and see all the benefits you can take advantage of to help organize and grow your business.

Perform Inspections

From a house inspection to an apartment or even just a roof, use one of our preloaded templates to get to work with minimal setup time. Select and answer questions in the sections relevant to the inspection being performed. Once the report is generated it will only display the sections for the questions that you answered and/or uploaded images.
Quickly and easily go through the inspection workflow. The workflow is flexible; you can go back to previous sections and change or add information, add images and then continue with the inspection. All your data and changes are automatically saved once you switch to another section or room within the workflow.
Have clients sign invoices or contracts on site simply with their finger or a stylus.
Markup pictures with arrows, circles, boxes, or lines while also annotating with text. This functionality makes the reports easier to read by providing your clients with a visual view of any issue encountered during the inspection.
Using too much data or have a weak signal? Perform your inspection while offline and the data syncs automatically when you connect again. You will never lose data and can perform an inspection anywhere without impacting your business schedules.
Multiple inspectors can complete an isnpection at the same time, with data syncing. Scheduling a large inspection job, assign several inspectors and split the sections/rooms amongst them in order to complete the job faster. You can even view the inspection from the office or home on the web as all the data syncs as soon as it is saved.
Add assets to inspection properties to give a more thorough report and create a history for that property. It’s easy to add assets to the inspection workflow and have them displayed on the final report. Then when you re-inspect the same property the inspection information will be added and will create a history for that property and asset.

Create Reports

Sleek reports that can be customized and delivered to the client before you even leave the site from any device. Add as many images and mark them up with arrows, captions or annotations, they will look great in the inspection report. Mark certain questions, responses or even marked up images as important; instead of having to go through the entire report everything marked as important will be listed in a Summary page towards the end of the report.
Write and finish your reports from any device, anywhere. You do not have to stay in the office to finish the final report; you can be anywhere on any device and complete the report. Imagine delivering to your client their report from anywhere you want, now that is freedom.
Clients can view the report at any time online or email them the report as a .pdf.
See line items from the signed contract and add other charges or issue discounts while onsite. All additional charges or discounts will be calculated and displayed on the invoice.
Forgot to add a comment? Revise a report at any time and resend to your client. Ability to go back and add comments, captions to images or remove images or change responses to questions as needed. Once your changes are saved just regenerate the report and your client will automatically receive notification that the report has been modified and is available for their review.
Pictures attach to specific items and rooms as you take them or you can take all the pictures and assign them later instead. You can take and mark up each picture in each section while performing the inspection. If you prefer you can take all pictures for a section into the general section for that room and add them into the individual sections when creating the final report.

Stay Organized

Both company wide and individual calendars help you maintain your schedule. Never miss another appointment, stay organized and impress all your clients. You can click on an inspection listed in the calendar and see the address, owner contact info and the driving distance so you can coordinate your travel.
Go to any Contact to see a history of quotes, contracts, and reports done for that client. Any question your clients ask you will have the response, as all the historical information is available at your fingertips.
Keep a task list to make sure no items are forgotten. You can add any task from changing batteries in the smoke detectors to cutting the lawn. Assign the task to one of your inspectors and tag a contact so everyone can keep track of the task and make sure it gets done.
Starting as a Lead, to a Quote, and finally to a Contract or Rejection, we help you stay organized so nothing gets lost along the way. Ability to track Leads, Quotes, Contracts and Inspections all the way to the Final Report and finally invoice for your client.
Whether you are an individual or a large company, there are no limits on how many users access the system and we scale to fit your needs. Control User Management by adding Managers in one category and Inspectors into another category.
Data is uploaded to the cloud in real time so it can be viewed from any device while you’re still working. While inspectors are on the road, managers can view their progress from the office and immediately complete the final report once the inspection is completed.
Quickly add users and assign them to user classes with different levels of access. Control all users access and assign them to different group categories, i.e. Agents, Clients, Employees and many more.
From revenue and profit, to how far you have travelled, view many statistics and breakdowns with multiple range options. View all breakdowns in a flash; imagine how productive meetings and decisions will be by having all Company Statistics immediately at your fingertips.

Advanced System

Access from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Never miss a scheduled meeting, keep your company and individual calendars up-to-date and never cross schedule appointments. Be organized and proactive every day in both your business and individual lives.
Automatic updates ensure you are always using the most up-to-date version. We want to make sure you get the latest releases and updates immediately in order to keep User Experience at its best for all our clients.
After using the software just a short while and spending just a little time with our how-to guides you should be an expert in no time. We have automated the inspection process in order to make it easier and quicker to take a client from a Lead to a signed contract and completed Inspection.
Simply enter some basic information and you can jump right into performing inspections. With all our preloaded templates you can immediately start working and taking advantage of this powerful tool.
Have a problem or a question? Email us 7 days a week. Anytime you need support send us a quick message and we will be happy to provide you with the information requested for you to continue enjoying the application.
You pay simply for the reports you do each month. We simplified our pricing in order to minimize confusion. It is our goal for you to take advantage of a free hassle billing and enjoy our robust tool.
With month to month pricing and no setup fee, cancel at anytime. We are so proud of our tool that we do not tie you down with a contract. We give you the option to cancel anytime, although we are confident that once you use our tool you will be an avid client.
Hosted by Amazon Web Services, our system has a 99.99% uptime and is backed up daily to ensure you're company is always running and your data is secure. Everyone is concerned about data security that is why we partnered with Amazon Web Services in order to make sure that your data is safe and kept private at all times.
Web app is compatible with any OS and most browsers, while mobile apps work on iPhone, iPad, and any Android device. Our application is compatible with most browsers, Android and iOS devices, making it one of the top inspection applications available.


Google Maps helps you confirm the proper address is being inspected. It will also calculate the distance travelled to each inspection and display the totals in the Company Statistics section of the application.
Integrate your schedule with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCal so you never miss an appointment again. What better way to stay organized than to have all your calendars sync together!
Property Organizer is part of the BIMS Property Linkware* Ecosystem. It connects with LIP and if any client of yours signs up for PO all their inspections reports will automatically link to their account, yet another way to sync all your property information and stay organized.

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