Home Inspection Software

  • On-The-Go Mobile Application
  • Customize Templates for Specific Work-Flow
  • Ability to Work Offline in Low-Signal Area's

Why LIP?

Having countless features, Link Inspect Pro is one of the most robust inspection softwares available. Our software and features are always expanding, so if you are looking for a specific feature, it might just be an update away. The templates are easily customizable allowing any and all types of inspections. The software allows you to perform inspections immediately with out-of-the-box templates. The templates can be customizaed to add assets to any inspection. Take a lead from a quote all the way through an inspection. If your clients have urgency you can provide a professional digital report on site.

Perform inspections immediately with out-of-the-box templates, or customized them even create your own. Add Assets to any inspection. Take a lead from a quote all the way through an inspection. If your clients have urgency you can provide a professional digital report on site if needed.

Home Inspection Features

Cloud Computing

We wanted to provide an application that would be fast and available for our users at all times. Implementing Cloud Computing allows us to provide our users the ability to take advantage of the availability of high-capacity networks. When using our application our users enjoy short response times at a high rate of processing and availability of the computing system and application with 99.9% uptime.

Areas of Concern

Did you come across some areas of concern during the inspection that you would like to highlight? Not a problem when completing the report in Report Finishing click on the star next to any question, response, comment and even images. They will all be summarized on a page at the end of the report which you can title “Areas of Concern” or “Summary” whatever name you decide, it’s that easy.


Have an inspection request that doesn’t follow a standard home layout, no problem… We provide you with three property layouts, from a home layout to a commercial or even mixed-used layout. Create your workflow using one of the existing layouts and modify the layout by adding or removing sections in order to fit your inspection requirements.

Mobile Apps

Don’t be tied down to an office with our Mobile Apps you can perform an inspection anywhere. Even with a low signal you can use our App and the data will synchronize as soon as the Application has access to the internet.

Assets and Fixtures

Add all your assets or property fixtures in the application. When you perform an inspection don’t forget those assets and fixtures, make sure to inspect them. We will keep a history of when they were inspected and any notes added during the inspection for your records.

Images and Documents

Take images and mark them up with arrows, circles, text annotations even add captions they will all display on the report. Upload documents such as Company regulations, Town or County regulations etc. etc. You can easily attach these documents to all or individual inspections for specific Town or County associations.

Link Inspect Pro

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